Our self-inking stamps come with ink pads and we have various sizes to choose from. The stamps are laser engraved so can be customized to suit your needs. Because we have full control over the production process, we will ensure signatures, logos, etc. come out looking authentic and that you are satisfied every time.

Trodat Printy 4910
Impression size:  3/8″(H) x 1-1/32″(W)

Trodat Printy 4911
Impression size:  9/16″(H) x 1-1/2″(W)

Trodat Printy 4912
Impression size: 3/4″(H) x 1-7/8″(W)

Trodat Printy 4913
Impression size: 7/8″(H) x 2-3/8″(W)

Trodat Printy 4914
Impression size: 1″(H) x 2-1/2″(W)

Trodat Printy 4915
Impression size: 1″(H) x 2-3/4″(W)

Trodat Printy 4916
Impression size: 3/8″(H) x 2-3/4″(W)

Trodat Printy 4926
Impression size: 1-1/2″(H) x 3″(W)

Impression size: 1-1/4″ Diameter

Impression size: 1-5/8″ Diameter

Trodat Printy 4911 Clothing Marker
Impression size: 9/16″(H) x 1-1/2″(W)

Personalize your clothing or other fabrics with this self-inking stamp that is non-toxic and easy to use. Good for 40+ washings and stays permanent up to 90° water temperature. Allow 24 hours for ink to dry before first washing. Available in black ink only.

Trodat Printy 9512 Pocket
Impression size: 3/4″(H) x 1-7/8″(W)

Trodat Printy 9413 Mobile
Impression size: 7/8″(H) x 2-3/8″(W)


We cut and laser engrave our rubber stamps in house. These are the traditional handle with ink pad style. Signatures, text or logos, just about anything can be put onto a stamp.


IDEAL Embosser
Impression size: 1-5/8″ Diameter